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The Seven Years' War in America

Created by: Catherine Kimel
Lauren Fedorkowicz

The Seven Years' War in America is also known as King William's War and the French and Indian War. Although war was not formally declared between England and France until 1756, the battles had been raging for the previous two years, beginning in 1754.

This webpage was designed to enhance your understanding of the French and Indian War. This site has been arranged in years, and the links are listed below. There is also a page that deals with how the French and British interacted and treated the Native Americans, as well as a glossary of key people and forts from the war. There is also a picture page available. For your reference there is a bibliography with links to other websites pertaining to the French and Indian War.

French and British Relations with the native Americans
Glossary of People and Forts
Picture Page
Timeline of Events